Cruisin’ Down the Street in my 6 4…

Ezekiel Elliot is a monster. There is no two ways about it. The guy flat out runs. Does not matter if it is through or by people, Elliot is rushing at an unprecedented rate especially for a rookie in the NFL. Some critics out there are crediting Elliot’s success to Dak Prescott and ┬áthe five “Monstars” he has in front of him that go by the names of Tyron Smith, Ronald Leary, Travis Frederick, Zach Martin, and Doug Free. They are a big part of his success, but if you dive deeper into the statistics it is clear that Elliot is doing a lot on his own.

Alfred Morris for example is backing up Elliot and is averaging 3.6 yards per carry (YPC). He averaged 3.7 last year with Washington so clearly the offensive line has not been helping him all that much. Elliot though, has been averaging 5.1 YPC this season. It may have something to do with their running styles as Morris is like a Ford F-150 while Elliot is most comparable to a Lamborghini at this point with that top end speed. Morris’ high rush for the year is a 17 yard gainer on the ground while Elliot’s is 60 (which he got twice). Elliot has just over 1,000 yards through 9 games and by the end of the year he may hit 2,000 (pending NFL investigation) and will be a part of NFL history for having one of the top rookie seasons ever. The offensive line is a huge help for Elliot do not get me wrong. I mean he was untouched running to the endzone to clinch the victory against the Steelers. The offensive line has been great but so has Dak Prescott and he is not getting credited for Elliot’s success.

Prescott is helping Elliot a lot more than people think. The hype for Dak is everywhere from the bleacher seats to the owners box. Jerry Jones and co. see Prescott stand in the pocket with poise and throw bullets to Witten, Bryant, and Cole freakin’ Beasley. Prescott spreads the field with his fantastic play and opens the box up for Elliot to run. In Los Angeles, the Rams have a tremendous talent in Todd Gurley but he has done squat this year mainly because Case Keenum is lined up behind the center. Teams are forcing Keenum to beat them and clearly he can not so, defenses stack 8 guys between the tackles making sure Gurley does not beat them. Prescott has proved that he can beat teams through the air so defenses are forced to play back opening up lanes for Elliot. Although Prescott and the o-line are helping Elliot, the guy is a straight up beast and will be a force for years to come.



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