Cashing Checks

What is Mark Trumbo? I think the Angels, Diamondbacks, Mariners, and Orioles are still trying to figure that out. Trumbo has been inconsistent throughout his major league career in every category except one; power. Since entering the league, Trumbo has hit  178 bombs in about 6 full seasons. This past season on the final year of his deal with Baltimore, Trumbo hit 47 homers. Every other aspect of Trumbo’s game comes into question so teams should probably rethink themselves if they plan on offering him a long term deal this offseason.

According to Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports, Trumbo’s market is “bustling”. This may be Trumbo’s agent just trying to get the interest up, but it still makes no sense that teams would be bustling for Trumbo’s services. Trumbo is horrendous defensively. Granted he has had to been in the outfield most of his career considering he has played with full time first baseman Albert Pujols , Paul Goldschmidt, and even Chris Davis to an extent as Steve Adams of points out. Not easy for 6’4″ 225 lb man to be continuously running around in the outfield. Trumbo would be best suited for an AL team as their DH / first baseman but even at first base he is below average. The age of strictly being a designated hitter died with the retirement of Prince Fielder and David Ortiz this season. Teams have gone with more of a platoon at the position typically with older players or catchers needing days off from playing in the field. Trumbo would best fit as a primary DH, but him being a liability in the field takes away a lot of flexibility from the manager.

Besides his power, Trumbo is not even that good of hitter. He has a career average of .251 and his on base percentage has been under.300 in 3 out of the 6 full seasons he has played. He also has terrible splits versus lefties. Usually it is the other way around for right handed hitters as they tend to do worse against right handed pitchers, but this past season Trumbo hit .173 against lefties. If I were a team that was interested in getting a power bat I would steer clear of Trumbo and go after one of the other free agents or look at the trade market. Obviously that will not happen and he will get paid handsomely by some team, but there is a reason he has played for 3 teams in the past 3 seasons and front offices should see Trumbo’s limitations.




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