California Love

The Dodgers probably were not ecstatic about the way that their 2016 season ended. Even though they may have been unhappy, Dave Roberts did a great job managing a team decimated by injuries taking them farther into the postseason than anyone really expected. Roberts was able to mix and match during the regular and post season no matter how much money they made or how much experience they had. Andrew Toles was in single – A for the Dodgers at the beginning of the season but he ended up getting more at bats than Josh Reddick for big blue.

Although Roberts did a great job, the Dodgers will not be able to go anywhere if they can not get passed the 2016 World Series Champion Chicago Cubs. This past season, the Cubs ranked first in team ERA by almost a half a run and they ranked third with total runs scored. Meanwhile the Dodgers ranked fifth in pitching and 14th in runs scored. The Dodgers front office (along with the whole MLB) knows that the Cubs are the team to beat. LA is definitely going to be a big player in the offseason this year.

The Dodgers have already been linked to three all-stars. Todd Frazier and Chris Sale ,reported by Barstool Sports’ Whitesoxdave, and Ian Kinsler. Frazier and Kinsler would boost their offense as Frazier hit 40 home runs in his first year with the White Sox and Ian Kinsler may have just had his best season in the majors at the age of 34. Kinsler would be a perfect fit for the Dodgers because Chase Utley is a free agent and the Dodgers just traded Howie Kendrick to the Phillies. They may not have to give up much of anything to get Kinsler either because of the amount of money he is due and the Tigers seemed focus to rebuild and clear up salary according to ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick. Sale would fit nicely as Rich Hill, who was acquired at the trade deadline, is a free agent. He would fill the role that Zack Greinke had while he was on the Dodgers as the a second ace behind Clayton Kershaw. Kinsler and Sale would fit great but Frazier on the other hand may not be ideal. Justin Turner has been their primary third baseman for the past few seasons, but is another Dodger free agent. Turner was awesome all year and replacing him with Frazier, who hit a career low .225 in 2016, probably is not the best idea. Frazier had a respectable 3.4 wins above replacement (WAR) this season but Turner turned in maybe the best season of his career with a 5.0 WAR. Signing Turner is probably the better option at this point because to get Sale AND Frazier would take a boatload of prospects and the Dodgers do have the money. Frazier is also a free agent after 2017 so they would be stuck in the same spot again trying to fill their void at third base.

If the Dodgers want to get past the Cubs. They need to add pieces to their team. The bullpen struggled in the postseason so you figure they re-sign Kenley Jansen and then add another power arm to the back end. Trading for Sale would most definitely require them to trade highly touted Julio Urias and even more. Adding Kinsler is a win all around, he is a great player offensively and defensively. Getting Frazier with Sale is not the best move they can make because they still have Justin Turner they can get back. These are just rumors at this point, but the Dodgers name is going to be floating around all offseason in trade talks because Magic Johnson and his ownership group want what the Cubs just got: a World Series ring.


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