The MLB Hall of Fame vote can be ridiculous sometimes. For example how can three voters leave one of the greatest players in history, Ken Griffey Jr., off of their ballot. The voting has become even crazier because of the steroid issue. All of the players coming up for the MLB Hall of Fame are players who played during the steroid era. For example, Manny Ramirez, possibly the greatest right handed hitter I have ever seen, has been caught using steroids twice and is on the ballot this year. One man on the ballot this year who should be inducted into the hall, is Vladimir Guerrero.

Vlad Guerrero may have been one of the most fun players to watch play. Strong arm, lots of power, fast player, and he tried to put the ball in play as often as he could. Guerrero was not that exceptional as a fielder but, inside the batters box he was a legend and legends belong in Cooperstown.

Guerrero hit .318 over his career with 449 home runs and, despite being a free swinger, had a .379 OBP. Compare him to Hall of Fame outfielder Kirby Puckett,  his OBP was .019 points higher, had 242 more home runs, and had an OPS almost .100 points higher for his career. Guerrero played a little over 300 more games but, Puckett would have never been able to replicate those power numbers.

8 Silver Sluggers, a MVP award, and 9 All-Star appearances deserve to be in the Hall. “Vlad” was never connected to steroids even though he played in the heart of the steroid era. He may have used them but, without any connection or proof writers who are against the steroid users, should cast a vote for Guerrero. Writers have a duty, in my opinion, to put the right players in the Hall of Fame and if Vlad Guerrero does not get a plaque hung in Cooperstown, the writers have failed.


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