King of New York

If your favorite team sucks, you are not happy about it. The only time you like seeing your teams logo pop up is when the NBA Draft lottery comes around. The goal is to get in the top 3 and pick a player who can change your franchise. When the ping pong balls bounce the wrong way and there is no “Frozen Envelope”, you get the number 4 pick.

In 2015 the Knicks got the 4th pick in the NBA Draft. There were three big names in this draft; Karl – Anthony Towns, D’Angelo Russell, and Jahlil Okafor. All three of these players were going to be picked before the Knicks got the chance to call a name. Knicks fans frustration was almost at a boiling point. It finally boiled over when the Knicks decided to pick a scrawny 7’3″ Latvian player that no one knew. Boos rang out at the Barclays center as the lanky 19 year old walked on stage to take his picture with NBA Commissioner Adam Silver. With a goofy smile and a Knicks snapback, Kristaps Porzingis was not going to let the boo birds ruin this moment, and he was going to make sure those jeers turned into cheers.

Kristaps Porzingis burst onto the NBA scene in 2015. His electric play had him being compared to Dirk Nowitzki in his first season. Porzingis helped the Knicks go from 17 wins in 2014 to 32 in 2015. This year, Porzingis looks like he is going to help raise the win total again. Porzingis has been scoring more, shooting better, and helping his team win. He is shooting .487 % from the field in 2016 compared to .421% in 2015. His three point shooting has also improved drastically, going from .333% to .406%. The efficiency in his shot has led to more points for Porzingis. He is averaging 20.9 points per game and is helping New York go from 98.4 points per game (27th out of 30), to 103.3 (17th).

It is going to be hard for the Knicks to unseat LeBron James and the Cavaliers as the kings of the Eastern Conference. Carmelo Anthony, Porzingis, and a run-down Derrick Rose are not better than the combo of LeBron, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Love. Rose is not the MVP he was a few years ago while LeBron continues to play like he is still 25 years old. Even though the Knicks may end the season as a mediocre team, the future is bright. As the years continue to go by, Porzingis will keep getting better and better to the point where he may be dubbed, “The King of New York”. Whatever happens to the Knicks, Porzingis is making sure that those fans that booed him on draft night, stand up and cheer.


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