What a Tyme to be Alive

The wide receiver converted running back, Ty Montgomery, was not on anyone’s radar going into this year. Wearing number 88, it is confusing that somehow this guy is a running back now. Lately, he has been playing very well for the cheese heads. This past Sunday he posted his best stat line of his young career, racking up 162 Yards rushing and 2 rushing touchdowns. A player who was hardly involved during the 2015 season as a rookie has now become a dual threat player out of the backfield for the Packers because of Eddie Lacy’s season-ending ankle injury early in the season. Assuming the Packers will not resign Lacy this offseason, the Job is Montgomery’s. A number change may also be in play after the season with his position switch.

The speedster for the Kansas City Chiefs, Tyreek Hill, has become a threat in multiple ways on both offense and special teams. Hill has recorded a rushing, receiving, punt return, and kick return touchdown in the last four weeks. When Jeremy Maclin went down with an injury it opened the doors for the 5th round rookie to step in and make an impact. So far, he has seized the opportunity of having a big role in this offense and surely will for the foreseeable future.

Tyrell Williams of the San Diego Chargers has become the best receiver for the team when nobody expected it. Like the others, it came about due to injury of their promising star receiver Keenan Allen who was a target monster. These targets  needed to be spread around and Williams has been the main beneficiary. The second year receiver out of Western Oregon leads the Chargers in receiving yards, receptions, and second in receiving touchdowns. At a minimum, he will continue to be a deep threat option for Philip Rivers and will be opposite of Keenan Allen next year on the outside.

If your first name begins with the letters T and Y, and play in the NFL, you most likely were a nobody and became relevant this year.


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