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Teams in the NFL draft and sign quarterbacks to be their messiah who takes them to the promise land. Some teams don’t get what they expect. Blaine Gabbert, Jamarcus Russell, Ryan Leaf to name a few. In todays NFL the quarterback position is even more important so, when should you give up on your draft pick / free agent signee? Here are some thoughts on quarterbacks sitting on the hot seat at this point in time. Should they stay or should they go?

1. Brock Osweiler – One of, if not, the biggest / most controversial free agent signing of 2016. The Houston Texans got Osweiler to put pen to paper on a 4 year $72 million deal and he has not lived up to the bill. With a total quarterback rating (QBR) of 55.0 , Osweiler has been average at best. He has also thrown to 14 touchdowns and 16 interceptions. “The Brocketship” has all the pieces around him to be successful but for some reason he can’t help the team win. Even with the Broncos last season he was not that effective and even got benched for a hobbled Peyton Manning. Because of his contract, it is likely the Texans plan to keep him for one more year but it’s clear they realize they made a mistake. Verdict: GO

2. Blake Bortles – The 5th pick in the 2014 NFL draft, Blake Bortles was supposed to have his “leap year” this season. After throwing 35 touchdowns last year, the Jaguars were supposed to contend this season with a young defense and powerhouse of an offense that included Allen Robinson, Julius Thomas, and Allen Hurns. That did not come close to happening as Gus Bradley has been fired even before the end of the season. Bortles didn’t help Bradley’s cause either, often making bad decisions; that includes 16 interceptions this season. Without a winning season in three years, Bortles has become under fire. Bortles has all the physical tools and has plenty of potential so maybe with a coaching change, Bortles can thrive so after next season is when people should really start considering whether or not Bortles is an NFL quarterback. Verdict: STAY

3. Tyrod Taylor – Tyrod Taylor is a very underrated quarterback in the NFL. He has that dual – threat ability that puts teams on notice. He has helped the Bills lead the league in rushing entering week 16. Taylor knows how to take care of the football only throwing 6 interceptions and fumbling once. The Bills should not be blaming Taylor for their struggles. He has the fewest pass attempts per game in the league this season and that’s not his fault, it’s the play callers. The Bills rank 14th in points allowed per game which is pretty much the middle of the pack. They also allow their opponents to convert on third down at a 41% clip. Taylor may be closer to a game manager than an elite QB but his dynamic ability forces defenses to think. If anyone should be on the chopping block it’s the Ryan brothers. The defensive masterminds don’t even have a top ten defense and Rex particularly has not been able to find a way to get his playmaker Sammy Watkins have a huge impact on games. Verdict: STAY

QB’s are not the only thing that holds teams back but they are leaders of the offense in a pass happy league. At the end of the day all quarterbacks around the league will come under scrutiny and there is no avoiding that but looking at the big picture you can see that most of the time, it is not their fault.


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