Adam Bomb

There are plenty of coaches who did a great job this year. The usual suspect Bill Belichick is always in the discussion leading the Patriots to a 14-2 without possibly the greatest quarterback in NFL history for the first 4 games. Jason Garrett helped lead the Cowboys to a 13-3 record with a rookie quarterback and running back. Even though there are plenty of viable candidates, Adam Gase should run away with the award.

Starting off 1-4, the rookie head coach Gase led them to a 9-2 record the rest of the way. Gase started the year with a washed up Arian Foster at running back, a quarterback that has been under criticism over the past few years in Ryan Tannehill, and a defense with talent that has not lived up to its potential.

Over the course of the season, Gase has changed his offensive philosophy from a pass first offense to a heavy run attack with breakout running back Jay Ajayi. Gase has done a tremendous job just finding ways to win, not in any particular fashion. They do not rank top 10 in either offense or defense this season but using players such as Jarvis Landry and Devante Parker among others.

With a playoff matchup against the high powered Steelers offense on the horizon, Gase has a huge task on hand. Gase has had so many obstacles to overcome this season and facing the Steelers with backup quarterback Matt Moore running the offense, it may be the biggest challenge yet for the potential coach of the year.


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