Open the Flood Gates

In recent memory, the MLB Hall of Fame has been filled with drama. The steroid era’s most prominent players are being placed on the ballot. Some can’t even sniff the hall while others get a plaque.

The three players elected last night were all worthy in my opinion and it shows that the future members of the hall may have had a needle in their arm for more than half their career. Tim Raines was obviously no steroid user. He couldn’t crank out 10 home runs in a single season but Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez an Jeff Bagwell? That’s a whole other story.

Former MLB All-Star and known steroid user Jose Canseco says that he personally injected Rodriguez with steroids during their time spent together with the Texas Rangers. Rodriguez was also asked if he ever used PED’s and he answered, “Only God knows”. So, I think it’s pretty safe to say that Pudge used PED’s but it still doesn’t make him any less of a gold glove catcher.¬†Bagwell on the other hand was never really linked to roids. It was just the fact that he was a huge human being that thrived in the steroid era that put suspicion on him.Canseco also said Bagwell used steroids which isn’t a shocker as he tosses names out left and right. The names he talks about aren’t shocking at all and considering he was one of the bigger steroid users of the time there may be truth to it.

Bagwell, Rodriguez, and Mike Piazza last year prove that the voters are changing. I used to hate the steroid guys but if you really think about it, ¬†75%+ of the guys were probably on something. The steroid era was also great for the MLB as it attracted plenty of fans seeing 500 foot moonshots go out of stadiums. The players responsible for “making baseball fun again”,such as Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens, should be put in Cooperstown whether people like it or not and the past few years of voting shows that it looks headed that way.


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