Ice Ice Baby

After seeing Matt Ryan’s playoff performance thus far, I have been convinced that he is the MVP of the league. The votes have already been counted but this guy has been slinging the pigskin left and right with very few mistakes. It also helps that he has a million weapons around him on offense. So do they have a chance against the Patriot dynasty? Hell yes.

Julio “Huge Stones” Jones actually may be impossible to cover and with the two headed monster of Freeman and Coleman what can the Patriots defense place their focus on? It has been documented that the Patriots led the NFL in points allowed per game but it’s very deceiving. They gave up 15.6 points per game but rank 12th in pass yards per game. Im not discrediting them at all because they are a solid defense but, they aren’t even close to the elite defense that the Denver Broncos were last year.

So the biggest question is whether or not Ryan and the Falcons will be able to reach pay-dirt against the Pats. It is pretty much a guaranteed fact, in my mind, that the Patriots will put up over 30 points against the Falcons defense. I think Matty Ice will be able to put up some points against New England’s defense so this is going to be a tough one for each team to pull out with a W.

With two red hot quarterbacks and a grudge on the shoulder of each, both teams are excited for their shot to win the big game. A very early prediction from me but I think the Patriots will pull it out. I just think people are giving the Falcons very little chance while in all reality they might be able to pull off the victory. Defense wins championships and even thought the Pats defense isn’t elite per say, Belichick and co. will get the best out of their team making Roger Goodell do one of the most awkward things he may ever do by handing the Lombardi trophy to Mr. Deflategate himself Tom Brady.

Patriots-31 Falcons- 24


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