Kings Cry too

LeBron James is a top 5 player in NBA history. He is also a top 5 cry baby in NBA history. The Cavs are 4-6 in their last ten games and he could not be more upset about it. LeBron was quoted recently as to saying how the Cavaliers are “top heavy” as you can see in this article by Ben Rohrbach of Yahoo Sports.

Frankly, LeBron needs to stop. He is trying to light a fire under the team but talking trash about his team’s bench is not the answer. Maybe some players will step up but for now, there is no need to say anything. LeBron has complained for years that he did not have the supporting cast to win a championship but now that he has that, it is the bench’s fault. Who even left from last years team? Matt Dellevadova and Timofey Mozgov? Are those the players that make a championship team?

Cleveland is still number 1 in the Eastern Conference at 30-13 and I do not think anyone can come close to beating the defending champs. The Raptors have Demar Derozan and Kyle Lowry but if they are off on any night, there is no way they beat the Cavs. LeBron has Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving to help him with the road to the championship and crying to his front office can get old. He is still one of ,if not, the best player in the league. He has made it to the NBA Finals with a lot less so he should just leave it alone, play basketball, and shut up.


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