Bull Sh*t

Rajon Rondo has had enough. He put Dwayne Wade and Jimmy Butler on blast in an instagram post because they took their frustrations with the team to the media. It’s safe to say the Bulls are not in a good spot right now.

So what’s going to happen? It is safe to say that Rondo will be gone as soon as he/management can get him/himself out of Chi-Town. The 35 year old Wade will probably stick around but is he any use to the Bulls at this point? The only guy that seems logical keeping is “Jimmy Buckets”. Butler has gotten better every year in the league and has become the face of the Bulls over the past four seasons. He stepped up when former MVP Derrick Rose was dealing with injuries. Even with a star like Butler, it’s clear that the Bulls need a facelift with their record standing at 23-25.

Last night they even benched their two stars (Wade and Butler) for “disciplinary reasons” which probably relate back to their comments the other day. The Bulls turmoil is unfortunate because they do have talented pieces that could make a great playoff run. Taj Gibson, Robin Lopez, Doug McDermott, and Michael Carter-Williams are all talented pieces and whether they stick around or not for the revamping of the Bulls will be answered in the near future.



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