Out of the Shadows

Mike Shanahan has some career accolades that will be hard to pass. The only thing I am talking about is the raising of two Lombardi trophies. Other than that Mike Shanahan’s career record is ┬ánot that impressive at 170-138. The run he had with the Denver Broncos was pretty great but to compare his career record, his winning percentage is the same as current Lions coach Jim Caldwell.

Shanahan overall had a great career as a coach in the NFL but it may be possible for his son Kyle to end up surpass his legacy. He is on the brink of winning a Super Bowl as the offensive coordinator of the league’s best offense in 2016, the Atlanta Falcons.

Kyle Shanahan has been praised around the league as an offensive mind ever since he first received the offensive coordinator gig with the Houston Texans in 2008 at only 29 years old. His potential has always been there but this season for Kyle has been something special. Leading the Falcons to average 33 points per game. Kyle’s success has pegged him as the favorite to receive an offer to become the San Francisco 49ers head coach.

There is no chance in hell that Shanahan is a successful NFL head coach for his first year especially if he takes the 49ers job. The whole system in San Fransisco is a dumpster fire at this point in time. The defense is not even close to what it was, they were the second worst team in the league this season, and they have a quarterback surrounded in controversy. Shanahan may be able to use the Carlos Hyde, Colin Kaepernick, and Vance McDonald’s of the world to create a decent offense that Chip Kelly couldn’t seem to do, only getting them to muster 19 points a game.

It may be tough for young Shanahan to achieve at first but passed of his career path it will not take long for Kyle to find success as an NFL head coach. Maybe even at some point he can join Dad’s company as being one of the few coaches to win multiple Super Bowl’s.



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