Ball is Life

The Ball brothers are taking the basketball world by storm. Not only because they are fantastic basketball players, but because of how they play. All three play with a lot of passion and show that they truly follow the notion that ball is indeed life.

The oldest of the three is Lonzo and he has already found success as a freshman at UCLA. After being somewhat subpar the last few years the Bruins find themselves as the 11th ranked team in the country and have been as high as 2nd. It is no secret that the reason the team has become this good all of a sudden is because of Lonzo. This year Lonzo is averaging 14.9 points, 5.8 rebounds, and 8.0 assists per game. He fills the stat sheet at point guard and has drawn many comparisons to Jason Kidd for his NBA potential. He could even be better than him as Lonzo possesses much more athleticism than Jason kidd ever had. No matter how the season ends for the UCLA Bruins, Lonzo will undoubtedly be a top 5 pick in the upcoming NBA draft. He plans on being one-and-done.

The youngest and arguably the flashiest of the trio is LaMelo. LaMelo is a point guard like Lonzo and is the catalyst of the Chino Hills High school varsity team. Dating back to last year, the team has won 59 straight games and has shown no signs of slowing down as long as a Ball brother is there. LaMelo electrifies their games with highlight plays including pulling up from half court for no real reason besides showing off his Stephen Curry-like range. He can shoot from anywhere on the court and can make any pass possible. Right now he is a sophomore at Chino Hills and has plenty of room to grow. LaMelo still has growing to do too so once he fills out his frame he may end up better than his oldest bro Lonzo.

The middle bro, LiAngelo, is regarded as the least exciting and least talented of the three. He is not as athletic as the other two and does not have much flare to his game. What he does have though is an uncanny ability to score the basketball. LiAngelo has what is known as the “Kobe mentality” meaning he shoots at will. LiAngelo has had multiple monster scoring performances including 72 points in a game. In games a lot of the times when the opposing team misses a shot, a player on Chino Hills launches the ball down court to a cherry picking LiAngelo for easy baskets. He is not afraid to shoot at any time with a defender on him or not.

Lonzo is already at UCLA and both LiAngelo and LaMelo are committed there also. It is unlikely that all three will ever play together again but UCLA has to be smiling knowing the other recruits that will want to play with a Ball brother at some point in the future.


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