Don’t know what to say at this point. As an idiot Bengals fan living in New England I have watched Tom Brady every Sunday for 19 years. He is the best. Going from Tom Brady to watching Andy Dalton play is pretty weird. There is something different about this guy and if you don’t think he is the best to ever sling a football on an NFL field, your brain is probably a batch of scrambled eggs.

Brady led a ferocious second half comeback against the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl 51. Down 25, it did not matter for Brady and the Pats. Brady threw for a record 466 yards and two touchdowns while running back James White (who should have been MVP) played a big role out of the backfield catching 14 balls for 110 yards and a touchdown and running for two touchdowns including the game winner in overtime. Meanwhile, Bill Belichick did a great job managing the clock beating the Falcons in time of possession by 17 minutes. Belichick and defensive coordinator Matt Patricia did a great job stopping the Falcons offensive attack in the second half, causing the Falcons to continually give the ball back to Brady and co.

Not to discredit anything that Brady and the Pats did but did they actually win this game or did the Falcons lose it? 2nd and 11 from the Patriots 23 with 3:56 left, Matt Ryan was sacked for 12 yards putting the Falcons potentially out of field goal range. Then, a penalty by offensive tackle Jake Matthews pushed them even further back. Say the Falcons run the ball, keep the clock going, and they kick the field goal. 31-20 Falcons. It is much harder to score 11 in 3 minutes or less and two timeouts than 8 points with close to 4 minutes left.

After praising Kyle Shanahan in a previous blog, he did a terrible job in the second half. What the hell was he doing? Run the ball! Momentum was not on his side and Brady could not be stopped. Wind the clock down and maybe you would’ve been able to put a ring on your finger.

After every game everyone, including myself, plays the “what if” game but it does not matter. The Patriots are Super Bowl 51 Champions. Congratulations to them on a terrific season and being the best team in football yet again.



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