Buy or Sell

In NFL free agency, and every free agency period in sports to that matter, players get overpaid. So what players are worth it and which ones aren’t in this lackluster free agent class?  Some can be some real bargains and others can be real busts so let’s take a look…

Kevin Zeitler – If you have read my latest blog about the Super Bowl, you know that I am a Bengals fan and as a Bengals fan, I want this guy back. Ever since being drafted out of Wisconsin in the first round, Zeitler has been a fixture in the Bengals offensive line along with other free agent lineman Andrew Whitworth. I usually would say no to pay an offensive lineman because you can find some good ones anywhere but I do think Zeitler is worth the price. He is as consistent as they come and putting him on any team’s offensive line would improve their play for the next few seasons as Zeitler is still only 27 years old. Verdict: Pay that man

Terrelle Pryor- There is no question that the former QB Pryor stepped up for the Browns this season. He led them to a 1 win season. He is a pretty decent receiver with length and speed but don’t be fooled. If you really look at Pryor’s stats it can be deceiving. He only had 3 games over 100 yards and that was probably because he got open for one deep catch a game. He was also on the Browns. How may playmakers were on the Browns? If Pryor was on the Arizona Cardinals at the start of the season he would have been fighting for the 4th receiver spot with J.J. Nelson. On a good team Pryor is a low end number 2 receiver so I wouldn’t shell out cash for him if there are veterans like Brandon Lafell, Pierre Garcon, and Robert Woods on the market that could possibly give a team better production. Verdict: Keep it in your savings

Cordarralle Patterson- Patterson has been labeled as a bust because of his lack of production at receiver since being grabbed at the end of the first round by the Vikings but if I was a part of a teams front office this offseason I’d go after him. His speed is game changing. Using him as a returner and maybe even as a running back where he said ,on the Barstool Sports podcast Pardon My Take, he wouldn’t mind playing. Patterson could maybe be a poor mans Tyreek Hill and we all saw what he can do this season. Verdict: Spend your moolah

Calais Campbell- Campbell has been a beast for the Cardinals. Leading the defensive line in Arizona for a while now, he is set to hit the market. Sacks, leadership, and durability from a defensive lineman whats not to love? I say his age. Campbell at 30 years old may be slowing down and to give money to a player of his caliber would be the wrong move. Yes he is coming off of an 8 sack season but it is evident that as you get older in the NFL, everyone else gets faster than you. Campbell could still be useful off the edge or matching up with a guard on the inside to help knock down passes and get to the quarterback with his long reach but his age and amount of money it may take to get him is scary. Verdict: Wouldn’t be the worst move but you can’t teach an old dog new tricks



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