Saddle Up

Durant, Curry, Green, Thompson. 4 studs on one team with a combined 3 MVP trophies between the two of them (Curry and Durant). The question is whether or not any team will be able to stop the “super team”. The best shot to take down the Golden State Warriors lies in good ol’ San Antonio, Texas.

The Spurs have always been a solid if not great team during Greg Popovich’s tenure as head coach and this year is no different. At 40-12 the Spurs are 4 games behind the 44-8 Warriors but in the end, the regular season does not matter.

So do the Spurs have what it takes? Well, you can’t count them out. The Spurs are a deep team that rank second in points allowed per game. The Warriors aren’t necessarily a deep team but their star studded starting lineup helps them lead the league in points per game at 118.3. The Warriors are top 5 in many categories but one they do not want to be a part of is, “top 5 in turnovers per game”. Golden State is tied with the Atlanta Hawks for fifth with turnovers per game at 14.8. It may be like taking candy from a baby for San Antonio and they showed that on October 25, 2016. Granted it was early in the season, but the Spurs beat the Warriors by 29.

With Kawhi Leonard playing out of his freaking mind and players like LaMarcus Aldridge, Pau Gasol, Tony Parker, and Danny Green behind him, the Spurs do have a shot to take down the Warriors. Yes they have more stars, yes they score more points, but when it comes down to it the deeper bench and better defensive play makes the Spurs a real threat to be the ones who come out of the Western Conference.


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