Failure to Launch

What a snooze fest. The 2017 NBA Dunk Contest took away two hours of my life that I can not get back. The competitors (Aaron Gordon, Glenn Robinson III, Derrick Jones Jr., and DeAndre Jordan) continually missed dunks and out of the 12 I was impressed by 2.

The favorite to win the contest Aaron Gordon, who should’ve won last year, didn’t have the same bounce as he did in 2016: some speculating due to a foot injury. Derrick Jones Jr. ,who has played less than 4 minutes in the NBA, made the finals against the man who ended up winning ,Glenn Robinson III, who I feel like jumped over someone or two a million times. It’s the same thing over and over again from these guys. Is the dunk contest becoming old for NBA fans?

For me personally that answer is yes. Stars no longer want to be apart of it and the dunks are the same year after year. The 2012 winner Jeremy Evans isn’t even in the NBA anymore. Could you tell me who he faced in the the contest’s finals? I am assuming you knew it was Chase Budinger. How do you go from Jordan and Dominique to Jeremy Evans and Chase Budinger?

The 2016 contest was very exciting and a performance to build off of but from now on, I don’t think it will be the same. Stars and fans alike have become disinterested. I am still a little peeved we have never seen “King James” compete at one point in time. The contest will continue to draw views and consist of windmill after windmill but I think I am growing tired of the same old song and dance.



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