Broken Process

Joel Embiid in a word is exciting. Whether he is on the basketball court or on his couch on social media, Embiid has become an NBA icon. His slogan “trust the process” ,referring to the 76ers constant terribleness in recent years, has turned him into a fan favorite around the world. Unfortunately Embiid is out for the rest of the season with a knee injury.

Are the 76ers doomed? Embiid is far away their best player and he can’t stay on the court. Obviously the playoffs aren’t even in the minds of sixers fans but in regards to the future, will Embiid be able to be the cornerstone that Philadelphia truly needs?

The 76ers do have Ben Simmons ,who hasn’t played a second in the NBA, and Jahlil Okafor ,who has been dangled for trade since the offseason, and then of course Embiid. All picked in the top 3 of the draft and all not living up to the hype. You can’t blame Simmons because the 76ers are making sure he is healthy for next season but Okafor does not play defense and Embiid can not stay healthy.

In this day and age of the league you need three big time players to win anything and these three players don’t seem to fit the bill. Okafor ¬†looks like he has been getting phased out ever since he arrived in Philly and we have no idea what Simmons is yet. That leaves us with Embiid.

Joel is as electric as they get but he is starting to look like Greg Oden at this point. People forget that Embiid was drafted in 2014 and this is his rookie season. Over 3 years Embiid has played a combined 31 games. Hopefully injuries don’t derail his career like Oden because he is definitely good for the sport and especially good for Philadelphia.


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