This Ain’t no Bum

The guy hit two home runs on opening day. One of them which came off of a former CY Young award winner. Oh and by the way, he’s a freaking pitcher.

Madison Bumgarner is ridiculous in every aspect on the diamond. He is mostly recognized for his towering shots even though he does toe the rubber every fifth day. If you really look at it, “Madbum” is out of his mind.

He has 4 All-Star appearances, 2 silver sluggers, an NLCS MVP, and a World Series MVP in 8 seasons of Major League Baseball. It is kind of hard to capture a CY Young award while pitching in the National League with a guy named Kershaw, but if Bumgarner does get over the hump and steal an NL Cy Young award or two, he may become the highest vote getter in MLB Hall of Fame history.

I know that sounds nuts but once you really think about it there is a chance. Ken Griffey Jr. got 99.32% of the Hall of Fame vote. I mean whoever didn’t vote for Jr. is an idiot but I started to ask myself why. Why would someone vote against The Kid? Then it hit me. He never won a World Series. I mean baseball is a team game but championships do count against a player when it comes to the hall. Madbum though? He doesn’t have that problem.

8 seasons 3 rings. He may also be one of the best pitchers in the history of postseason baseball. The man has pitched 36 innings in the World Series and has given up 16 hits, 5 walks, and 1 run while striking out 31 batters. Not to mention in 2 win-or-take all wild card games he has tossed two complete game shutouts like they were no big deal.

Now when you look at the pitcher with the highest vote percentage ( Tom Seaver at 98.84% ) he won one World Series and went to two. Seaver also deserved 100% of the vote but for some reason it didn’t happen. Seaver won 3 CY Young’s, a Rookie of the Year award, and appeared in the All-Star game 12 times. Not too shabby but the Paul Bunyan look-a-like pitching for the San Francisco Giants may be able to come close to Seaver in pretty much every category.

Seaver ended his  20 year career with 311 wins, 3,640 strikeouts, a 1.121 WHIP, and a 2.86 ERA. Bumgarner through 8 seasons has 100 wins, 1,381 strikeouts, a 1.098 WHIP, and a 2.99 ERA: he is also only 27 years old and just hitting his prime. If you multiply Bumgarner’s yearly averages by 20, he could hit 320 wins, 4,360 strikeouts, and finish with the same WHIP / ERA. I’m not dumb so I know that most likely won’t happen because the years of pitchers pitching 20 years are most likely over and Madbum’s health probably won’t stay this strong. Whatever the case is, Bumgarner is on the fast track to the hall and neither pitchers or hitters will be able to stop him.


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