Kind of a Big Beal

Every Batman needs their Robin. Every Mario needs their Luigi. Every John Wall needs their Bradley Beal.

The Washington Wizards are fourth in the Eastern Conference standings but they may be the most dangerous. John Wall is a bonafide stud and Bradley Beal is the sidekick he needs to push past the Cleveland Cavaliers and into the NBA Finals.

This season, Beal has bumped his points per game from 17.4 to 23 by using his efficient shooting of 48.1%. With Beal, no opponent can solely put their focus on Wall unlike the Boston Celtics where teams can just try and crowd Isaiah Thomas. If teams do singularly put their focus on Wall then Beal can take advantage either by shooting the three ball (he’s shooting 40.6% from behind the arc) or by attacking the basket. John Wall can do the same thing giving the Wizards a deadly combo that has resulted in the team averaging the 5th most points a game in the league.

I think that the Wizards right now are the third best team in the East behind the Cavaliers and the Raptors. The Cavs are in a pretty big skid recently but once it comes playoff time it is going to be tough for anyone to stop LeBron James. Then again, the Wizards didn’t even make the tournament last year so who knows how a series of 7 would go between the two.

If Beal elevates his game to the next level in the postseason it is going to be tough for anyone to stop. Averaging 25 points in the NBA is All-Star caliber and I can’t see any team not named the Raptors or Cavs stopping Washington. Obviously regular season stats do not matter come playoff time so you can go ahead and throw Beal’s 25 PPG out the window but if Beal catches fire, the Eastern Conference better be ready for the Wizards to use their backcourt magic to poof themselves all the way to the NBA Finals.


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