What Could’ve Been

You only have two knee’s when you are born. When Derrick Rose is done with his NBA career it feels like he is going to have 0. Whether it be a torn meniscus or torn ACL, Derrick Rose’s NBA career is now going to be remembered as what could’ve been.

When he was drafted out of Memphis number 1 overall in 2008, Bulls fans rejoiced. They knew they were getting an explosive point guard who couldn’t be stopped when taking it to the rack. Finally, Chicago had received the heir apparent to Jordan himself and not to mention, he was a hometown kid born right in Chicago.

Rose gave the Bulls exactly what they needed. He won the NBA MVP award at 22 years young. Was he going to compete for the award for the next ten years with LeBron James? Everyone thought.

3 torn meniscuses and 1 ACL tear later, Rose’s career has faded to the point that he isn’t even helping the team win. Going from the most valuable player in the world to being a washed up player at 28 was / is hard to watch. While LeBron may be having the best season of his career at 32 years old, Rose was going under the knife.

Rose was hit with nagging injuries after his MVP campaign and only ended up playing 39 games. Then in the playoffs it happened. Torn ACL. He was going to miss the rest of the playoffs and all of next season. After his supposed recovery time had passed, people were looking for number 1 sporting a red and white jersey at the United Center but he was nowhere to be found. Rose had told media he would not come back until he was “110 percent”. It is just a shame to see Rose never got back to that point.

After the ACL tear, Rose suffered a torn meniscus in November of 2013. He then kept fighting to stay on the court but eventually tore his meniscus again in February 2013. Now this. Another torn meniscus and it looks like it has put the nail in the coffin for Derrick Rose’s career. The Knicks don’t want him. The Bulls just traded him. Who knows where he is going to go this free agency period (when his contract expires).

Rose helped the Bulls win 62 games and now you can’t imagine the Bulls winning a game in the playoffs this season. The Knicks are terrible too. Rose’s injuries ruined what could’ve been one of the most special careers in NBA history. People may say that he is now a bust or what not but he brought hope back to Chicago that know lies on the shoulders of Jimmy Butler. It isn’t like Greg Oden who rarely played. Rose’s first three seasons of his career he never played less than 78 games and one of those seasons included an MVP award. It is sad to see it happen but you can’t change sports history. I am sure as hell the Bulls already tried that because they wanted to see their Rose bloom and not fade away as the years went by.


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