Bad Blood

Jackie Moon once said he wanted, “E.L.E : Everybody Love Everybody”. Looks like his wish came true. The bad blood in sports has gone away.

The thought came in my head after  this weekend when Twins third baseman Miguel Sano punched Tigers catcher James McCann and Red Sox reliever Matt Barnes almost domed star Manny Machado because of a dirty slide.

This feels like the first time in a while some bad blood has been stirred up in professional sports and to be honest I love it. Not to the point where you see Ron Artest running up the stands to fight a fan but that good ol’ Red Sox Yankees when Jason Varitek shoves his glove into A-rod’s face? I miss that.

If you look at every team in each sport and try and come up with their biggest rival it gets hard. In the NFL Cowboys Giants is pretty big but doesn’t have legs to it. The Cowboys haven’t been good until last year and the Giants just do their own thing. The Steelers usually get into stuff with the Bengals and Ravens but who doesn’t. Then the Jets v. Patriots and 49ers v. Seahawks have been terrible because of a decline in play. Oh and I can NOT forget the Thursday night battle royal that is the Titans against the Jaguars *yawn*. Packers versus anyone in the NFC North is considered a rivalry by their respective fans just because the Lions, Vikings, and Bears are just tired of Favre and Rodgers winning every single time they play.

In the NBA the biggest rivalry right now is the Thunder and Warriors , because of the Kevin Durant drama, but it really isn’t a rivalry when one team scores almost 200 points to 80. But other than that it’s a wasteland. Cavs just run the East. Spurs don’t play dirty. No one really hates one another. The Knicks against themselves is pretty fun to watch at points but I could care less if Carmelo Anthony posts an Instagram pic bashing the Zen Master Phil Jackson. There are no more bad boy Pistons or 80’s Celtics. The Lakers are trash and the Rockets are too busy trying to figure out what’s stuck in James Harden’s beard to get caught up in any beef.

Once we get to the MLB it gets easier just because the sport is so old but they are more just historical than right now. Red Sox Yankees? Not the same. Cubs Cardinals? I guess it’s okay. Dodgers Giants? That one is pretty good especially when Madbum and Kershaw are on the bump. The Blue Jays and Rangers had something stirring up for a while but that was over when Roughned Odor socked Bautista in the kisser.

I am not condoning throwing at heads or any crap like that but the jibber jabber between teams has gone away. I used to have a bitter hatred for the Yankees but that is gone. I’m sure it will come back once they are good again but for now nothing. Rivalries are great for any sport and it remains to be seen which is the next big one: I just hope it is very soon.



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