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People in Oakland are so happy it’s as if they see Skittles raining from the sky. Marshawn Lynch has come out of retirement to play for the Oakland Raiders on a 2 year deal worth a maximum of $16.5 million (per Ian Rappaport). It’s just too bad Raider’s fans may not be tasting the rainbow by the time mid-season rolls around.

Don’t get me wrong I’m rooting for Lynch. He is one of the best characters in the, “No Fun League”. Every time I see that run he had versus the Saints I get chills running down my spine. Unfortunately I don’t think he has much left. Do people actually expect a 31 year old running back who was absent from professional football for a whole year to help carry the Raiders to the promised land? If you do, your brain is the size of a peanut.

As I said Lynch is 31 years old after sitting out his age 30 season and everyone knows after 30 is when running backs have their careers swiftly fall off the side of a cliff. It used to be that running backs would just go and go until their cleats were worn down. Instead in this day and age of the changing NFL, people are getting bigger, faster, and hurt more often. The last time a running back over 30 years old had a season of 1,000+ yards was when Ricky Williams and Thomas Jones both surpassed the mark in 2009 (per sportingcharts.com). It may not seem that long ago, but it has been eight years.

Lynch has been in the NFL since 2007, playing for the Bills and Seahawks, and has a lot of tread on his tires carrying the ball 2,144 times in his career. People also forget that the season before he retired he was hurt pretty much the whole season only ending up playing in 7 games.

Lynch is an exciting move to make for the Raiders ,especially since he is a home grown talent from Oakland, but besides put butts in the seats will he really help that much? Last year they had a combination of Latavius Murray, Jalen Richard, and Deandre Washington. They combined for 365 carries, 1,746 yards, and 15 touchdowns. Lynch’s best season of his career he carried the ball 315 times to reach 1,590 yards and crossed the goal line 11 times. Oh, and by the way that was in 2012. No chance he does that again.

With Murray gone and Lynch in who knows what will happen. The Raiders are still a passing offense and are scary with a healthy Derek Carr under center and Amari Cooper split out wide. Lynch is a nice addition but people are acting like he is the second coming of Jesus while in reality, he is just here so he doesn’t get fined.



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