Pain in the A**

I meant arm. The New York Mets know all too well about pains in the arm. Their supposed super rotation looks as if it will never end up what it could be. Injuries have derailed every one in the rotation in the past three or so years. The only pitcher in their rotation during that time period was Bartolo Colon: a 40 year old meatball nicknamed “Big sexy”.

The rotation for the near future was supposed to be unstoppable. It was planned out to be Matt Harvey, Noah Syndergaard, Jacob DeGrom, Steven Matz, and Zack Wheeler. All of them have been seriously injured at one point in time. Harvey, DeGrom, Matz, and Wheeler have all had Tommy John Surgery. DeGrom and Matz both had theirs done in 2010, Harvey in 2013, and Wheeler had it done in 2015 and held him out in both that season and 2016. The only one who seemed to stay healthy was the flame throwing Syndergaard who may be out the next 3 months due to a torn lat (reported by Joel Sherman of the New York Post).

This season, Matz has yet to pitch, Harvey does not look like the “Dark Knight”, and Wheeler is not performing well with a 4.78 ERA in 5 starts. None of the “Big 5” has ever pitched more than 200 innings and combined they have made 30 starts in 3 out of 16 seasons. If they were all healthy and at their best (their best ERA seasons), the Mets rotation could’ve possibly had an earned run average of 2.62. The team that won the World Series last year, the Chicago Cubs, had a 2.99.

At this point it seems unattainable of the Mets to have this rotation healthy and performing well all at the same time. They still have a brief window to make it all work because Harvey is the first one to become a free agent and that’s in 2019.

It always sucks to see stuff like this in sports happen. I wrote about Derrick Rose a couple weeks ago. Imagine what the Bulls could’ve been. I just hope that at the end of the day when you think of the Mets you don’t have to ask, “What if ?”.


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