A Bite Out of the Big Apple

Pinstripes and the number 2 go together like Romeo and Juliet. It was a match made in heaven from the start when Derek Jeter stepped into the box as a member of the New York Yankees May 29, 1995. He became the face of the franchise pretty quickly after he won rookie of the year in 1996. He did everything for the Yankees before hanging up the cleats including winning 5 World Series. It may be tough to attack the golden boy of the MLB but Derek Jeter was really not all that and a bag of chips.

Before everyone starts grabbing their torches and pitch forks you have to look at the numbers. Don’t get me wrong Derek Jeter is a Major League Hall of Famer but he is definitely overrated. Jeter won 5 rings but you also have to look at the players Jeter played with. He played with so many all-stars including Alex Rodriguez, Mariano Rivera, Robinson Cano, Johnny Damon, Jorge Posada, Mike Mussina, C.C. Sabathia, Mark Texiera, Tino Martinez, Jason Giambi, Bernie Williams, Alfonso Soriano, Gary Sheffield, Paul O’neil, and many more: should I go on?

Jeter is going to get in the hall of fame on the first try with probably 90 something percent of the vote. Yet if you compare him to a player like Craig Biggio ,who took three years to get into the Hall with a 82.7% of the vote, ┬átheir stats are pretty similar and in fact, Biggio beats him in some spots. Both players played 20 years. Biggio hit 291 bombs while Jeter hit 260. Biggio stole 414 bases while Jeter stole 358. Biggio had a career fielding percentage of .985 while playing catcher, outfield, and second base while the golden boy posted a .976 fielding percentage at short. Biggio even had 3,000 more chances in the field than Jeter. Neither won an MVP, both won 4 silver sluggers, and Jeter edged Biggio in Gold Gloves by one. You have to disregard the all-star appearances because any fan can vote in their favorite player and considering Jeter played in New York, he was primed to have more fans than Biggio. If Jeter played in Houston who knows what would’ve happened.

As I said Jeter was a great player but because of where he played his star shines brighter for no reason at all. He won World Series games with so many all-stars it’s ridiculous. Yes number 2 should have a plaque two places in New York. Yes he is an icon and yes he deserves to be one. But whenever Jeter stepped up to the plate I would never be terrified but when A-Rod dug into the box at Fenway Park that was a completely different story. Even though he ran out to shortstop everyday for the “Evil Empire”, he played his career with character on and off the field even to the point where I ,as a Red Sox fan, have to tip my cap to the captain himself.

P.S. This might be one of the best commercials ever so I’d watch it now


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