Big Baller

Averaging just over 2 points per game in college, it is safe to say LaVar Ball could not beat Michael Jordan 1 on 1 no matter what he tells you. We probably will never now if he is right because the day that Michael Jordan plays LaVar Ball 1 on 1 is the same day that pigs fly. However, we do already know that LaVar Ball has a big mouth. Some hate and some love the persona that LaVar has created as this entrepreneurial loud mouth father who is going to try and push his kids to stardom. But no matter how you view him there is a realistic chance that under all that bologna is a mastermind.

Lonzo Ball is most likely going to be a top 3 pick in the upcoming NBA Draft. The most realistic and speculated match is with the Los Angeles Lakers at number 2. If he slips in the draft all the blame will fall on the shoulders of his pops LaVar. Throughout the process, LaVar Ball has been outspoken even saying his son is better than Stephen Curry right now. Teams have started to look into how much of a factor LaVar Ball is and whether Lonzo is worth it. Lonzo is an excellent talent and helped put UCLA basketball back on the map but LaVar’s antics could put / have already put a huge target on Lonzo’s back.

After Lonzo’s games, LaVar will be hunted down by the media to comment on Lonzo’s (and whatever team he plays for) performance. LaVar may go on and on about how his kid is the best and how his teammates suck and so forth. But he also may not do any of that. LaVar Ball could secretly be a marketing genius.

LaVar is playing a dangerous game with the media but any publicity is good publicity. If you really look at the timeline of what LaVar has done, you would see that he started talking as soon as his son started to perform at college. You didn’t hear anything when Lonzo was in high school. LaVar may have been waiting to be put on the platform to get the word out that his son is “the greatest” and that the Big Baller Brand is where you should buy merchandise. I disagree with the way that LaVar is piggybacking on his son’s success but you have to hand it to him. He has created a company out of thin air and has sold nearly 500 pairs of Lonzo’s debut shoe, even with them priced at $495. LaVar reportedly wanted to make a partnership with Nike, Under Armour, or Adidas but all three companies backed off because of the loud mouth father. A Nike director was even quoted by saying, “[LaVar] is the worst thing for basketball in the last 100 years”.

Everyone who remotely pays attention to sports knows who LaVar Ball is. Every time you turn around he is making some kind of stupid headline. I hope for the success of Lonzo and his two other sons but the way their dad has acted is pretty disappointing. He may just be trying to promote brand awareness but that doesn’t make him less of a jackass. It seems LaVar is just trying to make money off of his son’s so he can finally be what he never was: a “Big Baller”.


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