Always Next Year

MJ or LeBron? Air Jordan or King James? No matter what you call them the debate has been around for a long time. Before the 2017 finals have started, I was saying that if LeBron won the ‘ship this season, he would be placed as my greatest of all-time. I wasn’t thinking straight. I don’t think any team in NBA history could beat this Warriors team so me expecting LeBron to win this series was idiotic. He is great, and may even be the greatest, but playing against a team where their fourth best player has made two All-NBA teams is just unfair.

This isn’t the same 0-2 whole the Cavs were in last year. With Kevin Durant added to an already historic team, it is unrealistic that anyone could beat them. The Warriors have beat Cleveland by 19+ in both games this series. Can we expect a turnaround by LeBron and Co. at the Quicken Loans Arena? With LeBron you never know but home court advantage can’t dissuade triples falling down like snow during a New England winter.

Last week I wrote about how Kevin Love was going to be a big factor in this series and he has been grabbing 21 rebounds in game 1 and scoring 27 in game 2. LeBron has been terrific as always and Kyrie has been alright but to beat the Warriors everyone has to be on their game as evidence by the first two games of the series. Tristan Thompson is a guy that needs to step up. He has combined for 8 rebounds in 2 games after averaging 9 a game during the regular season. Cleveland needs the ball as much as they can to keep up with the Warriors offense and if Thompson can’t stick his ass into a Warrior and jump up for a board then good luck. The second chance opportunities will be gone as quick as the Warriors jogging down the court and banking in another shot.

It looks for Cleveland like it should. In the first game they turned the ball over 20 times. In the second game the Warriors turned it over 20 times. However, both games went to Golden State. The Dubs shot 41.9% from three and 51.7% overall on the night of Steve Kerr’s return to the bench and despite having a turnover margin of -11 they still won by 19. The Cavs did shoot poorly in game 2 (27.6% from three) and that’s just another piece of evidence proving that if you want to beat this annoying super team that is taking fun out of basketball you have to play your best.

If LeBron gets swept, how much of the blame can really fall on him? The ’96 Bulls wouldn’t have been able to beat this team. James will still get smacked by media because. . .well. . . he’s LeBron. Whether or not you think it’s just or not I personally think it’s unreasonable for one man to be responsible to beat a couple MVP’s and two more All-NBA players. All king James can do is hope, pray, and wait for next year.


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