Giant Rebuild

Not your year Giants fans. It isn’t 2010, 2012, or 2014. The even year magic was put to a halt by last years eventual champion Chicago Cubs. There are 7 remaining players from the 2014 championship and they continue to get older. The Giants are the fourth oldest team in the MLB. Of their starting 9 position players 5 of them are 30+ and one of the 4 that isn’t 30, Brandon Belt, is 29.

People can still play baseball as they get older but decline is inevitable and with the Giants standing at 26-43 things don’t look like they will get any better. With a less than average farm system and an old roster the Giants should start to get serious about trading pieces off of their team.

There are some guys I’d say are untouchable. Madison Bumgarner and Buster Posey are the type of players you don’t trade. The next two players that you would have to persuaded to give up are Brandon Crawford and Brandon Belt. Other than that I think it should be fair game. Johnny Cueto, Jeff Samardzija, Eduardo Nunez, Mark Melancon, Denard Span, Matt Cain, and even the heart and soul of the Giants Hunter Pence should be gone past trade deadline / the start of next season.

Melancon was signed this offseason but if the Giants are going nowhere what’s the point of having a good closer for ridiculous amount of money? There is none. Same goes for Cueto and Big Jeff. They are both under pretty big contracts and any team could use a pitcher like them for a postseason run. Inning eaters who have the potential to dominate. With Cain you would just be hoping to get a fresh start from him. He has been terrible and injury prone ever since 2014. I wouldn’t expect teams to be jumping from their seat to try and snag him because he isn’t an all star anymore. Still, a team could take a flier on him: granted the Giants take on some of the money from his contract. Pence and Span don’t necessarily have huge contracts but they aren’t cheap either. Either way they could help a contender with outfield problems and bring a veteran presence to the clubhouse. A team like the Nationals could bring Span back to patrol center field after the unfortunate injury to Adam Eaton.

Not every single one of these players will get a big haul of prospects back but it would be a start. Teams that mutter around too long with players on the decline end up staying at the bottom of their respective divisions for a long long time. By trading these players the Giants could rebuild as they keep together their core of Posey, Mad-Bum, Belt, and Crawford. All four may I mention came up through the Giants system. It has been seen time and time again that players who come up through farm systems help teams win World Series. The Royals, the Cubs, and the Giants are evidence of that. If I was the front office of the Giants I would look very hard at the current roster and see what I could get for each player to help put San Fran back on track of winning multiple championships.


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