Reunion Tour?

The Texas Rangers are teetering and tottering in the American League West with a 45-49 record. There has been talk of them selling at the trade deadline. Shipping names like Yu dismantled and Cole Hamels out of town. Another name teams should potentially look at is Adrian Beltre. One team in particular is the Boston Red Sox.

Beltre played one season in Boston in 2010. After his tenure he went to Texas where he has enjoyed a lot of success including 3 all-star games and 4 top 10 MVP finishes. Beltre’s Rangers tenure has put him in a comfortable position to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. One thing that isn’t on his résumé is a World Series Championship. If he is traded to Boston, there is a solid chance he gets one this season.

His career is coming to a close but he can still help in the field and with the bat at third base; something the Red Sox desperately need. The Sox third basemen have slashed a combined .228 with 7 home runs according to Beltre could certainly help raise those numbers as he is hitting .275 with 8 homers in only 41 games this year while committing 0 errors. Sox third baseman have combined for 18 errors.

Beltre would be a perfect fit in Beantown. After this season he has one year left on his contract and he will turn 39 on April 7th. He could finish his age 39 season with the BoSox and then either retire or sign elsewhere. The Red Sox won’t need him after next season because 20 year old top prospect Rafeal Devers will be seasoned like a nice T-Bone steak and ready to contribute for the Red Sox and not the Paw Sox.

But for this season, providing a presence in the middle of that order would make Boston an even bigger threat to win the American League pennant. Getting Beltre Would come at a price for the Sox and who even knows if the Rangers want their third baseman and face of the franchise at this point of time to be dealt. But, if Texas is willing to move on from number 29 they could expect a return with a little more potency than what they gave up to snatch Carlos Beltran last season from the New York Yankees.

Beltre does have 10-5 trade rights and was even quoted as to saying, ” I don’t want [the Rangers] to be dismantled”, but if Texas starts trading pieces of left and right Beltre may have no choice but to accept a trade offer and go wherever. The only problem with Beltre to the Red Sox is whether or not the Red Sox want to go over the luxury tax threshold. Other than that it fits like a glove.

The Rangers should be a team that sells some of their pieces and start looking towards the future because its clear right now that the Astros are the class of the American League West so holding on to its older players probably isn’t the move to make and I think Beltre would be a perfect fit for the Boston Red Sox.


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