Plan C?

Plan A: draft a franchise quarterback. Plan B: trade for an established QB after franchise quarterback gets hurt. Plan C: Who knows.

After Teddy Bridgewater suffered a season ending ACL tear in practice at the beginning of last season, the Minnesota Vikings went out and traded for Eagles starter Sam Bradford. With Bridgewater out, Bradford played pretty well overall for Minnesota. Bradford completed a league high 71.6% of his passes as he threw for 20 touchdowns and only 5 interceptions. The only issue with last year was the fact that the offensive line could not protect Bradford or help get any sort of running game going.

Bradford, playing on the last year of his deal, started off great in 2017 against the New Orleans Saints tossing three touchdowns while completing 84.4%; he looked like an All-Pro player.

Bradford is not an All-Pro and his numbers in week 1 were probably due to playing the Saints but, is it possible he has finally figured it out in his 8th professional season? It’s not likely but there is a chance; he was the number 1 pick at one point in time.

Yet, Teddy Bridgewater was also a first round pick and ,according to Pro Football Talk, he could be able to play by week 7 of this season giving the Vikings a very tough decision on their hands. Bradford isn’t making this decision any easier after suffering a knee injury that has held him out the last two weeks.So which way is Minnesota going to go? Bradford will most likely start the rest of the season (if healthy).

After declining his 5th year option, it may seem as if the Vikings aren’t so sure Bridgewater can be a franchise quarterback but maybe they have faith in the 29-year-old Bradford and plan on re-signing him after the season.

If the Vikings do in fact have any issue with Bridgewater they should play Bradford. He is one of the most accurate passers in the league and Bridgewater is still kind of unproven only playing one full season. If Minnesota is on a path towards the playoffs, Bradford starting would be the best move especially because of the chemistry he has created with wide receivers Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs.

Minnesota has a tough defense and explosive offensive playmakers including rookie running back Dalvin Cook but their success leans on their QB and it’s Bradford’s time to show why he was a number 1 pick.


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