The Great 8

The place where darkness looms. You feel the lowest of the lows. Disappointment strikes you in the chest like the sword Excalibur. This place is, “the bubble”.

In the 2014 – 15 season, college football played the first ever College Football Playoff. The first playoff was a huge success as people watched the fourth seeded Ohio State Buckeyes, led by backup quarterback Cardale Jones (who earned the nickname 12 gauge with his cannon for an arm), beat the number two ranked Oregon Ducks.

The playoff continues to be fun and exciting to watch but there needs to be a change. That change is adding four more teams to the playoff.

This season it has become increasingly difficult to determine who the best team in college football is. People have a case for teams ranked one through nine.

It has to be tough for the College Football Playoff Committee to decide the top four teams in all of Division I. There are so many different ways to determine who deserves a shot in the playoff. The eye-test, statistics, strength of schedule, and even more can be a factor in determining what teams are in the top four but, this season specifically, the teams hang ing around the bubble deserve a shot to show they are the best team.

The College Football rankings come out tonight but in the eyes of most experts, it is expected that the top four are going to be 1. Clemson, 2. Oklahoma, 3. Wisconsin, and 4. Auburn. All good teams but some below them may be better. For example, Wisconsin is 12-0 this season but, according to, they rank 45th in strength of schedule while Penn State and Ohio State (two teams fighting for the playoff) both rank in the top three of hardest schedule this season.

Does Wisconsin look better than Ohio State or Penn State? I mean, probably but that’s because the only currently ranked team they have played this season is Northwestern coming in at number 20. We are going to find out if Wisconsin is really better than Ohio State this weekend when they play this Saturday at 8 pm ET.

Wisconsin did beat Iowa, who pummeled Ohio State, but are teams allowed to have bad games? There is no forgiveness in the College Football Playoff.

Miami University was undefeated and ranked at number two this week until they lost to Pittsburgh: they are now projected to be bumped down to number seven in the rankings even though they decimated a Notre Dame team when they were ranked number three in the country at the time.

And then we have Alabama who just lost to Auburn this past weekend. Auburn is a good team and has now taken out the number one team twice this season (the other being Georgia). Maybe if Alabama was at home they’d win. But no one is going to ever find that out. They still have only one loss and had a very tough schedule. If they played Wisconsin I think the Badgers would be driven into the ground yet Alabama is still on the outside looking in.

If Wisconsin loses this weekend to Ohio State, Auburn loses to Georgia in the SEC Championship, and Miami beats Clemson in the ACC Championship, how will it shake out? No idea. But what I do know is that the playoff should include eight teams so that a potential champion isn’t left out on the bubble while another team lifts the trophy.


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